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Introduction and overview


This is our second year reporting under our revised CSR framework. We continue to update and
amend our CSR strategy with feedback from our customers, employees and other stakeholders.
This report provides an update on our performance during the year and further information, including relevant policies, can be found on this website. You can find our annual reports here

Our previous CSR reports can be downloaded here

This website contains additional information on our CSR policy and its supporting statements, together with additional case studies.

If you have any feedback on our CSR initiatives, please contact us

2016 highlights

  • Launch of our Vision, Mission and Values
  • 97% of our staff survey respondents care about the future of Bovis Homes, with an overall engagement score of 83%
  • Winner of the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award, following our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant during 2016
  • Reduction in Annual Injury Incident Rate
  • Increase in our affordable housing provision


Our customer satisfaction rating has fallen below the standard we would expect to a 2 Star level. We recognise that our customer service has to improve and are committed to getting this right. We have been working with our employees to redefine and launch our Vision, Mission and Values as part of the changes required to put the customer at the heart of all we do.

A review of our operational processes is ongoing to ensure that we deliver for our customers.

We conducted our bi-annual staff survey in September and October 2016, with a response rate of 66%, an increase of 5% over the previous survey. The survey indicated an engagement score of 83%, which compares well to 78% in 2014. It was especially impressive note that 97% of respondents said they care about the future of the Company and this allows us to continue to improve on our responsibilities as a home builder. For each response received, the Group agreed to provide a £10 donation to the regional charity funds, with £7,770 being provided to good causes that are close to our employees.

During the year the Group made an important commitment to the nation and signed up to its own Armed Forces Covenant. Bovis Homes is proud to be a supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and is committed to ensuring that our nation’s Forces personnel (past and present), and their families, are treated with respect and fairness. In recognition of this commitment, Bovis Homes recently received the Bronze Award of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. Further details, including our commitments, can be found on our website.

Our focus on engaging with our sub-contractors has begun to show dividends, with daily activity briefings now being operated across substantially all of our sites. It is pleasing to note that our health & safety performance has improved with a reduction in the Annual Injury Incidence Rate (AIIR) to 620 (2015: 719). This compares to the HSE Construction AIIR of 398.

Our performance against our priorities is set out below

People - priority 2016 performance
Return our HBF customer satisfaction rating to 4 Star
Ensure consistent delivery of the Customer Journey
Improve near-miss reporting
Reduce the annual injury incidence rate
Embed daily activity briefings
Reinforce our core values across the enlarged Group
Embed the leadership values into the business through comprehensive senior leadership development programme
Launch a Managing Effectively programme for middle managers
Continue to recruit ex-Armed forces personnel for our Trainee Assistant Site Management programme
Continue to develop our apprenticeship programme
Environment - priority 2016 performance
Reduce active waste per home
Reduce active waste sent to landfill
Reduce inert waste (brick and block) per home
Reduce our GHG emissions against our chosen intensity measures
Continue to support the development of sustainable and ecologically diverse living environments
Community - priority 2016 performance
Continue to develop our strategic partnerships with registered social landlords
Continue to build on our relationships and support our sub-contractors and suppliers
Work with local stakeholders to identify community priorities for improvements on our new sites
Continue to encourage and support our staff in their fundraising efforts for local good causes


Priority not met Priority partially met/within range Priority met



Our CSR policy is outlined below. It is supported by other policy statements covering matters such as health and safety, equal opportunities and ethics, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

1 The Group believes that sustainable development links to long term value creation and aims to ensure that the sustainability principles it adopts are embedded in its business objectives and activities. These principles cover all aspects of the Group's operations from land identification through to after-sales services and the running of our offices.

2 The Group will approach sustainable development as a socially responsible aim which can reduce emissions and assist in addressing climate change. The Group will maintain awareness of the impact that its activities have on the environment and will minimise negative impacts insofar as it is safe, practical and economically sound to do so. It will seek to enhance the environment where it builds, use land efficiently, protect biodiversity and where possible use materials, material suppliers, labour and resources local to its operations.

3 The Group will design for social inclusion, efficient use of natural resources, use of appropriate materials and minimum waste. The lifecycle usage and emissions of the homes will also be considered in design, respecting the needs of future generations, and consultation with local communities will take place where possible on development plans.

4 The Group will develop its methodology and encourage staff to develop their awareness, skills and understanding of sustainability issues and practices through training and development activities. All staff are encouraged to recognise and adopt corporate social responsibility as a shared aim to which they contribute and are accountable for.

5 The Group aims to provide a quality product and a reliable service and will undertake a programme of continuous improvement, staff training and research and development.

6 The Group's activities and relationships will be undertaken with integrity, in an ethical and honest manner. The Group believes that being accountable for its actions and adopting an approach of self regulation through all staff leads to significant benefits, including maintenance of its licence to operate, an enhanced reputation with external stakeholders and local communities, and improved employee motivation.

7 The Group seeks to develop and maintain long term relationships with stakeholders founded on trust, high performance and service standards that deliver in accordance with agreed commitments for mutual advantage.

8 The Group's objective is to ensure that no-one suffers harm as a consequence of carrying out its business activities and particularly recognises its duty as an employer to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all its employees. The Group operates a rigorous health and safety policy and strict procedures and practices are maintained and monitored which support and underpin this policy.
9 The Group will comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum and seek opportunities to make a positive contribution to sustainability through its process of continuous improvement.

10 The Group will set objectives and targets to achieve the strategy set out in this CSR policy.

11 The Group will monitor and report year on year against objectives and targets set and identify and report on key performance indicators in support of those objectives.

Through this policy we aim to ensure that our activities do not compromise the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.

Supporting our CSR Policy are further policy documents, covering health and safety, the environment, ethics and conduct, equal opportunities and whistleblowing, all of which are reviewed annually and are available here to download.