Our operations

KPIs 2020 2019
Accident Incident Rate (AIR) 361 302
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) 0.32 0.33
Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) 0.15 0.13
Service Strike Frequency Rate (SSFR) 24.59 73.97

Health and Safety

The safety of our people, and those who work with us, is our top priority. Our purpose is to prevent workrelated death, injury and ill health, and we comply with a framework of management systems to ensure the health and safety of our people.

Health and safety is one of the first topics to be covered in executive meetings, and is highlighted early in our new starter induction, with clear linkage to our values and ethos. We influence and engage stakeholders, create knowledge and awareness of health and safety risks, and encourage positive behaviour change via a dedicated programme linked to our new starter induction. This year more than ever, looking after our people’s health and safety was a priority for our ELT and we moved fast to enact changes and invest in improvements to protect employees and subcontractors during the pandemic.

A new SHE Management System was introduced in March 2020 which incorporates the existing Safety, Health & Environmental compliance visits, and introduces an average rating per inspection. The inspection evidences compliance with safety standards across our sites, and highlights areas requiring more focus.

Response to Covid-19

Committed to Safety and Health

Priorities for 2021

Waste and resources

We are passionate about reducing our waste and maximising efficiency and recycling. We identify, manage and mitigate all environmental impacts through our ISO 14001 certified management system, supported by a dedicated team of internal auditors and SHE professionals. We make our people aware of our environmental standards and policies that are integrated into the system through training, instruction and via our intranet. Use of our Standard Operating Procedure’s ensures consistency, governance and control and effective risk management by mitigating issues at source.

Our waste recycling data for 2020 is as follows:

Division Year
Vistry Group Q1 91.19%
Q2 94.12%
Q3 96.12%
Q4 96.97%

Governing the way we work

Priorities for 2021

Climate Change

A key focus for the newly enlarged Group has been a review of our risks and our progress in the area of climate change, and to define our agenda and targets, in order to ensure that we minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our operations. We are addressing the imperative to improve the long-term sustainability of the homes we build, and thereby improve both the resilience and the performance of our business in this area. With the Climate Change Committee (CCC) setting out the requirement to reduce UK emissions by almost 80% by 2035 to limit global warming in line with the Paris Agreement, the Board and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are clear in their commitment to managing environmental risks and opportunities across the Group.

We have set out our initial approach within the Sustainability Report (see page 62) including our initial risk assessment against the TCFD requirements (Task Force on Climate Related Disclosures) alongside how we intend to resource our business to deliver these improvements. We are continually reviewing ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of our activities and those of our suppliers.

We work with the Supply Chain Sustainability School and hold a Gold membership status which is the highest level.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

The following figures make up the baseline reporting for Vistry Group PLC, as 2020 is the first year that the Company is required to make this disclosure.

Scope 1 - consumption and emissions relating to direct combustion of natural gas, and fuels utilised for transportation operations, such as company vehicle fleets, and grey fleet.

Scope 2 - consumption and emissions relating to indirect emissions arising from to the consumption of purchased electricity in day to day business operations.

Utility & scope 2020 UK
2020 UK
Scope 1 total 25,315,757 5,970.22
Scope 2 total 11,083,714 1,904.717
Total 36,399,471 7,874.94

As the Vistry Group PLC’s energy usage is solely UK based the Group’s global emissions are included in the UK figures.

tCO2e per plot built 1.22 1.61
tCO2e per 1000 sq ft 1.20 1.55

The reduction in tC02e output is due to the increased size of Vistry group when compared to 2019, alongside the reduction of output whilst sites were closed or operating at reduced capacity during the pandemic.

The methodology and scope for reporting carbon emissions is in line with the Mandatory Carbon Reporting requirements of the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic and Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013, and with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Regulations (SECR) 2019 can be found on our website.

We are acting to merge all of our gas and electricity usage to one energy broker, who will provide 100% renewable energy across all of our offices and sites.

Priorities for 2021